Economic Growth

Every Vermonter deserves opportunity, security, and independence. There is no better way to achieve that end — in ample measure — than by fostering a robust, diverse, and flexible business climate where individuals excel and prosperity blooms. To put it bluntly, this climate currently does not exist in our state. Montpelier must seek to lower energy costs, improve infrastructure, reduce taxes across the board, and enact permit/regulatory reform to streamline our system and cement job growth. This state has a proud business heritage: rugged men and women of boundless innovation and energy who did not just survive, but thrived in these Green Mountains. This culture lives, in us and among us, but our state government continues to find ways to impede our raw potential, robbing us of the future we deserve. If elected, I promise to work each day to enact achievable paths to economic growth, always in harmony with our values.

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