Health Care

Vermont’s healthcare law has been passed. Now the true duty of your representative is to ensure — by any means necessary — that we find a way to not just pay for the law, but afford it. There is a difference!

We must avoid:

  • Rationed care
  • Removal of programs that benefit our most vulnerable
  • Job cuts among our great health care workers
  • Added taxation on a population already leveraged to the hilt

Good health — our own and the health of those we love — is so important. It means quality of life; it’s a fundamental part of the American Dream, something everyone can attain. This really isn’t about ideology or some side or special interest group “winning.” Simply put, you need a voice in Montpelier, to safeguard your choice, your care, and your finances as we work out the math of this legislation. I want to be your voice.

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